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Welcome, FSP Chapter Leaders


The Chapter Leaders’ Website is designed to give you easy access to the

latest information and tools to help you achieve your chapter’s goals

Resources for Chapter Planning

Chapter Reports


National can run reports to help you with recruiting and retention efforts. The most commonly requested reports include: Paid, Lapsed, All (includes the paid and lapsed in one report), New Members past 30 days, Young Professional Members. We can also create custom reports upon your request.

FSP Update Library

Chapter Townhall Archives

Chapter Town Hall

September 26, 2023  |  1:00 pm ET

Join via Zoom from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Want some guidance from National FSP for your Chapter Planning Day? Let us know at or 800-392-6900 (M-F 9am-4:30pm ET) so we can accommodate your request.

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