Chapter Marketing and Communications Resources


Our goal is to provide a variety of options for creating customized recruiting packages to meet specific objectives dictated by unique opportunities. This gives you the flexibility to target membership messages to selected audiences.

FSP Corporate Logo


FSP Logo

Download this file for a variety of applications (use in Word, PowerPoint, etc... .) If you need a logo file in a different format, contact FSP national.



FSP Logo
(2-color reversed)


Membership Recruitment Materials


Marketing Materials Sleeve

Holds the contents of the membership packages you customize. Designed to hold the Membership Brochure (in the cutout) with as many additional pieces as you feel necessary (e.g., membership flyer, targeted specialty flyer, membership application, your chapter calendar of events etc.), including an issue of the Journal. The graphic approach also allows for chapter customization (see Labels, below). Download and complete the Order Form to request this item from FSP.

Download order form


Membership Brochure

Communicates key messages and member benefits concisely, in an eye-catching design consistent with FSP branding. Fits in the cutout pocket of the Sleeve; also fits into a #10 envelope, convenient for mailing. 


Download brochure to customize and print with your chapter contact information.


New Member 
Application Form

Application form updated for 2021-22.

Download to print


New Member Application Form–

Fillable PDF

Current application form can be downloaded and customized with your chapter dues.

Download to customize/print



In response to chapter requests for a recruiting tool that is accessible and attractive on a mobile device, the tab on FSP national’s home page was created. Here you’ll have at your fingertips all the information you need to talk about the benefits of membership in FSP, the value of interdisciplinary networking—the reasons to belong.

Visit page


Membership FAQ Flyer

Succinctly summarizes membership benefits and reasons for belonging to FSP in an easy-to-read Q&A format. Readily addresses objections often raised by prospective members.

Download to customize/print


“Snapshot” of Benefits Flyer

Provides a summary of benefits of membership in FSP in an attractive format.

Download to customize/print


“Snapshot” of Discounts Flyer

Communicates a brief summary of the key discount programs that membership in FSP affords. Can be an effective recruiting tool, particularly when emphasizing the E&O and LTDI group plan discounts.

Download to print


Value of Membership Flyer

The Value of Membership flyer is designed to address the concern raised by a prospective member regarding a perceived lack of value for benefits provided as part of  national membership. While far from providing an exact accounting, the flyer takes a step toward quantifying some of the benefits FSP national provides, to augment those provided locally at the chapter level. The information here demonstrates tremendous ROI on the fees for belonging and makes a compelling case for membership in FSP, in very practical terms.

Download to print

Targeted Specialty Flyers

Effective options when customizing recruiting efforts to specialist audiences. Each flyer focuses on the specific benefits of FSP’s multidisciplinary membership as it pertains to practitioners of their specific discipline/area of expertise.


Insurance Professional Flyer

Download to customize/print


Chapter Flyer/Ad

Can be used as an insert in the Marketing Materials Sleeve, a stand-alone hand-out at chapter events, or as an ad in a chapter directory, newsletter, etc. Can be customized with chapter calendar on flip side.

Download to customize/print


Membership Growth Initiative (MGI) Flyer

Distribute to your members to encourage them to recruit. Promote MGI (with a reminder about the benefit of dues reduction) as part of your retention efforts.

Download to view/print


Retractable Banner and Stand

The banner measures 33”x 80” and comes with a padded shoulder bag. The cost is $250 plus shipping and taxes. Banners can be customized with chapter name and web address. Allow a minimum of two weeks for customization and production. Contact national FSP to order.

Request form


Podium Cover

Brand your chapter at meetings and events with a customizable podium cover. FSP national will provide the file you send to your local printer for output on cover stock and laminating. Cover measures 12” x 18”. Contact national FSP to order.

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Social Media Guide for Chapters

Provides background information to get you started on social media; find guidance for creating an FSP presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Contains contact information for our Social Media Consultant.

Download the guide


Social Media Logos

Logo files sized appropriately for each of the designated channels. If you are using Internet Explorer and you select a JPEG file link below, it will show in the browser and won’t automatically download. To download the picture, click the link and then “right-click” the picture and select “Save Picture As” and then save to your computer.


Chapter Microsites

Choose from two templates; national will build your chapter’s microsite at no cost. Contact national FSP to request a microsite.

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Chapter E-mail Graphics

Request FSP branded chapter email headers and custom graphics for your email templates. Contact national FSP to request graphics.

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Chapter Communications

Template 1

Use as either FSP branded template or customizable “stationery”–communicate events, meeting announcements, calendar updates, or general chapter news and information. Choose from two designs.

Download to customize/print


Chapter Communications

Template 2

Download to customize/print


FSP Letterhead

Create your own chapter letterhead with this template using the customizable fields to input your current board and chapter contact information.

Download to customize/print


Envelope Template

Produce mailing envelopes with customizable fields for the recipient and return address area

Download to customize/print